looking forward

studio tales


it was just last year, and just about this time…. after way too many relocations i finally stumbled upon my new studio space and found elbow room again! about 1500+ square feet of raw, open space. open to interpretation, open to spread all my work around, the in-progress pieces long forgotten and out of sight. all of them.

new studio

A4 – a new studio overview

it had been a t-shirt print shop and a juice bar and quite a few things before that. tucked away and caught in between the industrial stride of a city differente and a bit of wasteland, right there, at the edge-of-almost.

the kitchen area had an old sturdy sink and a no-joke woodstove. took me several weeks to build shelving and countertops all around it, a handsaw, a couple of hammers, nails and lots of screws.

finished kitchen


and then, the real stuff: work benches and tools, and battling a dense concrete floor to bolt everything down for hours…

(on the workbench front, check out my new blog for updates)

the ‘metal room’ in the back (for melting and soldering), a big window and a perfect utility sink that had seen a lot of splashing colors wash down its drain (…)

in the back back…

a backyard shot

even a backyard!

what else could anybody wish for?!?

it was only this past summer when it all slowly settled into place and things began to flow again…. a few months now, but just yesterday for me.

here, now, just over a month into another year and celebrating a new cycle, getting down to business with a renewed spirit of possibilities.

showroom in the front is coming along, a few studio visit weekends in the works for this month…


up front

stay tuned!