Born in Italy and raised in Germany, Emanuela Aureli blends Italian goldsmithing traditions with northern European design, making jewelry for the body to wear. Inspiration comes from simple shapes, the making process, urban and industrial landscapes and from the quiet expanse of the high desert. Her jewelry invites the wearer to engage into playful interactions with the piece, teasing, daring.

Working mostly in sterling silver and copper, Emanuela fabricates geometric minimal shapes, cubes, spheres, strips of metal and coils of wire that become earrings, rings, pendants or brooches. She heat-colors her jewelry into yellows, oranges, deep reds, blacks and silver finishes, infusing the metal with warmth and making it irresistible to touch.

Mostly self-taught, Emanuela started making jewelry as a teenager, with a pair of pliers, brass wire, beads, feathers and selling her work at flea markets, concerts, street fairs throughout Europe. Teachers were many mistakes, people in the streets and all the fellow makers/artists/musicians/magicians (many) she was lucky to meet. She apprenticed with goldsmiths in Italy, the US and holds a BFA from CCAC (now CCA) in Oakland, CA.

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