finding each other

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sometime it happens in a flash, sometime it takes longer… but each piece always finds its human match. always.

this one below is the last of a one-of-a-kind brooch series from a few years back.

the first three were bought by jewelers’werk galerie at an american craft council show in baltimore, some while ago.


round stained brooch

she walked confidently into my booth, looking straight at it.

round stained brooch was hanging on the wall, pinned to a little black neoprene panel, swinging from a chain in the sunny november day.

she picked it up, running her fingers around the edge of it, then she put it on.

adjusted it to the soft woolen collar folds of her sweater and looked in the mirror.

everything was in place just then: the bluish greens of the brooch perfectly matched the color of her sweater, the darker tones her pants, the silver blended smoothly with her short hair and her hat was calling to the subtle greys of the metal.

there, they had found each other.


And then there is drawing…

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drawings. matter-over-mind sketches.

it happened a few weeks ago, bumping yet into another pile of books … looking for boxes and older folders i could not find …. where ARE my drawings?

quickly, after a few minutes of deep desperation, i grabbed some color faded markers and a stack of A4 scrap paper and spun fun into motion again…

alongside the filing and the melting of my last silver just the other night, these are my walking sticks, warm-up exercises back to bench work, helpers, friends in the making.

some from the last days of february:

56 – color markers on scrap paper   11.5 x 8.25 inches c.
SyNk – color markers on scrap paper  11.5 x 8.25 inches c.
!No tittLE – color markers on scrap  paper     11.5 x 8.25 inches

new earrings, revisited.

new work

have been re-visiting some old styles for my twisted and wires line the last few weeks.

had first started these decades ago, sometime during a hot italian summer, getting ready for market….

here, now things are turning…


hoop earrings

the HOOP…well it’s just another one of those ancient designs for an earring. old and constantly new. i used to make then in different sizes, different metals for different colors….i have now replaced brass with a vermeil finish and settled for a 1.75″ standard diameter.


loop earrings

my original LOOP was out of sterling silver wire and way longer than these here.

the revised LOOP edition is now approximately  2.75″ long.


stick earrings

and, the STICKS.

they used to be a stuck-to-the-ear kind of earring….now they are in the dangling mode.

simple. straightforward. 2″ long and just the right weight…


Cu | 29



bi-metal-brooch 2

brooch object 1

brooch object 1

two brooches will be at the Cu | 29  – contemporary work in copper show.

it opens on april 6th at the mesa contemporary arts center in mesa, arizona


a side note: bi-metal brooch 2, above, was part of a duo….

bi-metal-brooch 1

bi-metal brooch 1

is the other , now happily living in the woods somewhere in NH.. 🙂