new earrings, revisited.

new work

have been re-visiting some old styles for my twisted and wires line the last few weeks.

had first started these decades ago, sometime during a hot italian summer, getting ready for market….

here, now things are turning…


hoop earrings

the HOOP…well it’s just another one of those ancient designs for an earring. old and constantly new. i used to make then in different sizes, different metals for different colors….i have now replaced brass with a vermeil finish and settled for a 1.75″ standard diameter.


loop earrings

my original LOOP was out of sterling silver wire and way longer than these here.

the revised LOOP edition is now approximately  2.75″ long.


stick earrings

and, the STICKS.

they used to be a stuck-to-the-ear kind of earring….now they are in the dangling mode.

simple. straightforward. 2″ long and just the right weight…


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