a ring day

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coil rings

coil rings

yes, just coil rings yesterday at the railyard with sfam, here in the always beautiful city differente….things are beginning to move, especially with the locals – could i be, at last, for once, in the right place at the right time??

after the usual “ooohs!”, “wows!” and the ubiquitous “different” word people always use to describe my work, some sales are happening here…on a steady slow-building mode. 🙂

it also has to do to the ‘going back to the streets’ experience i find myself in, again.

because it’s the streets where i started, almost 4 decades now (…), and the streets have always been my teachers.

yes, the streets have changed, the places, the ways, the different times….but still.

still, there is something about it….

(and this one goes to the woman from germany who actually remembered (!) the times of flea market selling, at the münchener freiheit in munich/germany, sometime mid ’70s…………………………………………..

(i know i have some shots of that time….one of them will soon resurface from the deep, i am sure. will post it when it does 😉 )

One thought on “a ring day

  1. this is so poetic…
    there’s an excitement but also a wavey flow to it… is wavey a word?
    also, you did not put the word ‘sell’ in any of this really… was that intentional or not? just wanted to point that out – specifically for the ring part, first part…

    oh, and spain is victorious.


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