COIL bracelts

ah! february, already….

got a few things rolling here and there, in not so specific order.

but tossing this one out, still fresh and in the making… a pre-launch offer!

the TW line finally online on Square Market 🙂


(HINT: starting: tonight-feb 11 (midnight/mst) and for 6 days on to feb 17…you get

no shipping

and a

15% discount

on all and(well, yea… almost)




2 thoughts on “code:feb14

    1. hey mikki, thanks for visiting!

      it just means that my “twisted&wires” line is now live on the Square Marketplace and available to purchase online directly from that site, which you can reach from my post. as a time-limited (feb 12 -17), pre-launch promotion, for any purchases happening through the Square Market i am offering FREE shipping AND a 15% discount on any order total, the discount code is the title of my post and one enters it at check out.

      anyone interested in purchasing pieces from my “twisted&wires” line directly from the Square Market can take advantage of this promotion.


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