custom copper ring

custom work

a quickie i have handy today… final soldering phase of a copper custom ring for a customer not long ago..


plus some retouching at the bench later on…


and the presentation/process card that went with the finished ring…. really enjoyed this project!

(thank you john!)

4 thoughts on “custom copper ring

  1. Hello Emanuela,
    Just wanted to inform you, that my home was recently burgarlarized, and several things stolen including some rings of mine,/ sterling silver college, navajo, and two gold rings, high school and a gold nugget…however, the theives did not steal the copper indian penny ring, for some reason….and was the only one left in my bedroom dresser. Thank you again for the great work/job
    you did for me, and hope your summer is full of goodness and positive energy!
    John Garcia


    1. john… sorry to hear that…. but glad the ring i made for you is there to console your other losses…. kind of an honor. thank you for your kind words, have a great summer too!


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