i wished myself a plant

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i love plants. outdoor plants, indoor plants… there is a relationship with a plant, subtle, unnoticed.

like anything ‘different’ than oneself, it is another language, a different way of relating, an unfamiliar, at times, way of perceiving.

having been now here, miraculously put, in my cozy 400 sqf of space, i began noticing several months ago that a specific plant was missing from my outdoor surroundings… a beautiful plant that had been around all of my past places for the last 15 years, a plant with a presence.

a neighbor had one growing by a ditch down the road, a big one, all bright and white in its big flowers.

but they were nowhere else to be seen, and not on the piece of land my current studio is on.

i asked my landlady about them but she said she had not seen them around her house for the past several years, as long as she could remember…

i began to long for this plant to be in my front yard, right outside my door, so i could look at it everyday and see if blooming at night… i threw my silent wish out there, in my mind, in my heart.

i wished myself this plant.

and one day, looking down on the dirt outside the door i spotted it: a couple of small ‘suspicious-looking’ tender green leaves, quivering in the dust.


the one on the left was the first one to pop up

wasn’t really sure at first, kept an eye on it and put a couple of stones around to mark the spot; then a few more showed up the following days and i piled more little rocks around them.

all this makes me go back to stephen buhner’s books and to his very intriguing writings about the intelligence of plants…..fascinating.

they are sturdy plants, they survive harsh winters if you respect them and let them be…

i just can’t wait to see the flowers next season, i am simply grateful.

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