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while in italy last fall for family matters, i re-discovered some of my old paintings, hanging here and there, somewhat in disarray, throughout my mother’s 11-room house. i spent time taking pictures of some of them, relishing all the past memories they carry with them.

i used to paint then, between breaks from the bench. below a few of them i am particularly fond of.

house in cortona

a snippet of the house in cortona (oil on board, 24″ x 24″-c. 1989)

this one was actually back at my time at california college of the arts ( (once called ccac), before they dropped the “un-artsy” last ‘c’ for crafts…

painting of playing the drum

playing the drum (12″ x 24″, c.1989)


back in the days when i lived in tuscany, out in the country in a very ‘non-cliche’ mode, my father once visited and stayed for a while. and i painted him. reading, he was always reading, and that is the way i will forever remember him. a legacy he left to me. we were kindred spirits…

painting my father

my father (oil on canvas, 48″ x 24″, c.1989)

and this one, a quick one of an upside model…

painting 'upsidedown'

upsidedown (oil on board, 12″ x 18″, c.1989)



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