the plants that come visit

inspiration, plants and animals

and so it happens again.

the back yard is small, a little wild spot at the back of the industrial building that holds my studio, my tools, all the (still) scattered-about books i treasure and a spot of quiet respite despite the city.

i want to bring plants into this little heaven.

backyard growth1

new growth in my little wild backyard

the vine that gives me grapes and needs uplifting to the left, a proud datura to the right, second largest in the yard and a couple more growing inside and along the not-so-raised planting bed…

backyard growth2

another beautiful datura

on my daily walks with my dog kara out on the mesas, the desert is in bloom again and just a few weeks ago i stopped on the trail in awe for the first prickly pear cactus flowers of the season: beautiful yellows shining in the hot sun.

we chatted a while, i told them how beautiful they were, i told them i wished them in my garden…


Prickly Pear baby

and a baby prickly pear cactus!

and so it happens again. I noticed this little one just the other day…

the plants that come visit.

the plants i invite into my garden.

the inspiration they bring me, in myriads of imperceptible ways and sooth my work with simplicity.

2 thoughts on “the plants that come visit

  1. Hello again Emma,

    Sorry to have dropped from the radar for the past several years. Lots and LOTS of chaos in my life…and with so much to have to piece back together again…but I’m still here. Since 2011, I’ve barely traveled anywhere…and when traveling anywhere at all, it’s been for no more than two or three days at most for family-related events, most notably weddings.

    Seemingly jumping off a cliff, my wife and I are currently putting together a road trip that will take us through Santa Fe where we we’ll most likely be staying two nights…or possibly three. I thought I’d check in with you and see if you’d have an interest in finally crossing paths after all these years. It looks as though we’ll be arriving in Santa Fe late on 25 October and probably departing on the 27th. I’d very much enjoy finally meeting you, assuming you’d be into it AND if you have time to do so. I’m not certain just how busy you might be at that time of the year. In any case, please let me know. As always, I send my very best wishes.

    Keith Farley (859) 322-9399



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