drawing in progress

drawing, new work, other work

unbelievably, december.

only a few weeks to turning it all over to another year, possible better times. for all.

making some progress on this one, feeling better about color, it was dark and scattered vibe when i started it couple of days ago. 

december - drawing in progress
december - drawing in progress
in progress – as of december 10, 2020

been feeling the urge to draw so much lately, but do it mostly when it‚Äôs already or still dark outside… the best energy of my day still needs me @emanuelaaureli_jewelry ūüė¨
both fulfilling, but drawing keeps me sitting still in one place longer than 30 minutes…

will see what more colors the next few days will bring, counting on lighting up with bright!

into the new

drawing, inspiration, new work, other work

have been drawing a lot these past few month into the year, a way to release the tension of the world.

it helped.

these below from a first intense series in July…they have not title, for now.

july 2020 – drawing in progress
july 2020 – drawing in progress
drawing – 07.25.2020 – sharpies and other fun pens on watercolor paper – 5″x7″

pretty much the finished state…but it will matting and framing in due time!

painting my father

long time coming

2018, new work, retrospects, trips

it’s snowing.

almost spring just the other day, but today it’s winter again. so it goes, this climate change is very real.

snow today

snow outside the studio

here in the studio this morning, taking a break from the bench, taking it all in, hot tea, fire in the stove…it’s time to regroup and look at what has happened these past few months. a lot.

it may seems like a superfluous attempt, to catch up with things past, but they do inform my present and continuously bring insight into all that’s needed next.

2018 was a hard one. full of challenges, delays, enormous stress, quite a few losses, but also, alas, some good news.

the losses were heavy. i lost my father and 2 dogs last year, and i am still mourning all of them.

painting my father

my father

the time to process everything and a sudden trip to italy this past fall, all still in the ‘digestive’ mode. it takes time to grieve, really, and that time has eluded me well into this new year….

but the good news is that on march 8, 2018, after 11+ years of riding the complex and taxing task of keeping my artist visa alive, i finally got my green card! 

a huge chunk of stressful living was wiped off my slate in matter of hours, literally.

the immigration officer who interviewed me had my 12+ inch thick file on her desk, as i entered the room and apprehensively sat down on the chair in front of her.

the first thing she said was “i love your work!”

THAT was promising, i thought. everything was a joyful ride after that, i answered all the protocol questions with a bunch of ‘no’s (you know, am i in the us to overturn the government? was i ever part of the communist party? will i engage in prostitution, human trafficking, or join some terrorist group?) at one point i almost gave her a business card, but refrained. the whole thing took maybe about 20 minutes and i was out of there in a flash, stupefied.

two weeks later, while at the santa fe artists market, my regular saturday showing in town, i spotted a somewhat familiar face among the customers perusing my booth, but could not place the memory. i was busy with closing a few sales, and could not readily pay much attention to this person. but she hung out and kept looking at my work with avid interest and finally, when the booth cleared, she came forward and introduced herself: “ms. aureli, do you remember me? i am the immigration officer who interviewed you!”

she was there with her husband, whom she introduced to me, and then…she bought a piece of mine! a long arc pin, in the black finish.

i was in shock, again. did not expect this at all, it made me REALLY happy and had to go and share the event with a couple of trusted friends right there at market. it was such a coronation of a long long journey, and definitely an honor. i felt so grateful!

the next few months were spent nursing my 19 year old ailing dog, and hanging in there, not wanting to let her go. tasha had been with me since i moved to santa fe, a beacon of light throughout all those years, along with my other sweet four-legged companion, cd, who had passed on suddenly due to a liver tumor just a few months earlier.


I struggled to keep a regular routine at the bench, but pushed on however i could, reshuffling and reviewing inventory, planning to add and remove pieces here and there, a new line, new work, at some point. several trays with work in progress scattered all over my studio, patiently waiting for my intervention to become something.

it all dragged on for a while, a new dog entered my life and things seemed to settle for a while, work days ahead were looking promising and i longed for hours on end spent at the bench to flush away months of stagnation.


kara, a new blessing

then, one sunday morning, right after a very successful day at market the day before, and right when i was ready for a fresh reboot, i got a text message from my brother from italy: my father had passed a few hour earlier.

and so, i dropped everything. 

i felt numb, confused for the next several days, needing to review everything, needing to book a flight to italy almost immediately, needing to go, see my mother, be there with her.

my trip to italy was a 15 day-long nightmare, for so many reasons, but i survived it with minor scratches and quite a few memories to live by.

view of the sea

view from my mother’s house

i was back home mid november, landing in los angeles, re-entering the country on my new permanent resident status and i almost kissed the ground. passing through immigration was smooth as butter, despite my resurfacing apprehension, the custom officer talked to me in italian, asking if i was carrying vino with a smirk on his face and waving me through with a broad smile that made me want to hug him. i was home, i felt i belonged and i danced my way to my next flight to new mexico all the way through the airport.

now, a few months later, i am just beginning to recover from these last events, taking baby steps into what’s ahead: my work, better work, new work, in celebration of life, that goes on, despite it all.

work in progress

new earrings in progress

And then there is drawing…

drawing, new work, other work, studio tales

drawings. matter-over-mind sketches.

it happened a few weeks ago, bumping yet into another pile of books … looking for boxes and older folders i could not find ‚Ķ. where ARE my drawings?

quickly, after a few minutes of deep desperation, i grabbed some color faded markers and a stack of A4 scrap paper and spun fun into motion again…

alongside the filing and the melting of my last silver just the other night, these are my walking sticks, warm-up exercises back to bench work, helpers, friends in the making.

some from the last days of february:

56 – color markers on scrap paper   11.5 x 8.25 inches c.
SyNk – color markers on scrap paper  11.5 x 8.25 inches c.
!No tittLE – color markers on scrap  paper     11.5 x 8.25 inches


events, new work, retrospects, studio tales

And so here it is: spring 2016 is happening.

Not too sure how long it will last, maybe it will be winter tomorrow, maybe summer all at once the next day… ¬†Nature is trying to stay sane, winter was dense and scattered in million directions, the apparent stillness fooling some cloudy days.

But now, celebrating!

There are new shoots on my lemon trees, the avocado seed has sprouted after the cold, I need to give it more solid ground.

Celebrating the sprouts of spring, outside and inside my crammed studio…

Still pulling out of the recent past 3(studio) moves, it is all taking so long to stop spinning, from a 1500 square foot open space to a tiny 400…. keep bumping into things.

Hurts to bump into¬†metal, the wire coils, the¬†copper pipes and all the scrap I just could not part with….you get bruises and scars for just trying to work.

But I l love my scars.

Zeige deine Wunde…thinking of ‘der’ Beuys and countless discussions around a kitchen¬†table, so long ago.

(It’s in german, the way he spoke it….)


I put some of my scars in a story in a book last October, a way to pin a few things down after the storm. CraftsPEOPLE: In their Own Words¬†features stories¬†by¬†circa 75 artists and crafts people,¬†their work, the struggle, the pains and joys of following one’s own path…all the tests and difficult roads that lead¬†to beautiful destinations.


It’ll be out in digital version first¬†end of March, in print later in the spring, will keep you posted.





There are things stirring on the bench though, and despite the tight space, trays of work in progress are being shuffled around in search of their own order.

work-in-progress.march16.2-blog         work-in-progress.rings-blog

Something is even leaving the bench….

S:9.ConePendant.HC.3-blog     S:9.ConePendant.HB-blog

Like… the Cone Pendant,¬†a new addition to the Solids line!

A few last footnotes:

2016 started out on a mellow note, endings and beginnings rolled in and out without much fuzz for once… had my first¬†(for this year)¬†and last¬†(for last¬†year)¬†frozen mango margarita¬† at Maria’s here in the city different and slid seamlessly into the new year.

Highlights of the first days of this year was going through the experience of sitting on the jury for a¬†local show…. short and sweet, it was very interesting for me.¬†Grateful for the opportunity and the insights it gave me into my own work and on ‘jurying’ in general.

I know, a long post for another time, maybe.

And then, there is drawing…. and that is the next¬†post!

Happy Spring!

more feathers

new work

it was january just yesterday, today we are closing march…things are definitely moving too fast, but am trying to keep up with everything…here a couple of new images for my ‘feathers’ series, newly shot by louis leray here in santa fe.

first one is copper and sterling, second is sterling and 18k gold; paper-thin metal feathers hanging form a sterling neckwire cable.

FeatheFeathers 3/Fat Feather - necklace

Feathers 3/Fat Feather – necklace


Feathers 1/Moon and Sun – necklace