the plants that come visit

inspiration, plants and animals

and so it happens again.

the back yard is small, a little wild spot at the back of the industrial building that holds my studio, my tools, all the (still) scattered-about books i treasure and a spot of quiet respite despite the city.

i want to bring plants into this little heaven.

backyard growth1

new growth in my little wild backyard

the vine that gives me grapes and needs uplifting to the left, a proud datura to the right, second largest in the yard and a couple more growing inside and along the not-so-raised planting bed…

backyard growth2

another beautiful datura

on my daily walks with my dog kara out on the mesas, the desert is in bloom again and just a few weeks ago i stopped on the trail in awe for the first prickly pear cactus flowers of the season: beautiful yellows shining in the hot sun.

we chatted a while, i told them how beautiful they were, i told them i wished them in my garden…


Prickly Pear baby

and a baby prickly pear cactus!

and so it happens again. I noticed this little one just the other day…

the plants that come visit.

the plants i invite into my garden.

the inspiration they bring me, in myriads of imperceptible ways and sooth my work with simplicity.

more feathers

new work

it was january just yesterday, today we are closing march…things are definitely moving too fast, but am trying to keep up with everything…here a couple of new images for my ‘feathers’ series, newly shot by louis leray here in santa fe.

first one is copper and sterling, second is sterling and 18k gold; paper-thin metal feathers hanging form a sterling neckwire cable.

FeatheFeathers 3/Fat Feather - necklace

Feathers 3/Fat Feather – necklace


Feathers 1/Moon and Sun – necklace

triple martini 2012

events, new work
triple martini - stirring stick on stainless steel glass

stirring stick idle on glass…

stirring stick is my piece this year for the dry triple martini 2012 show, opening saturday at the I/O gallery in new orleans.

had fun playing with this…the ‘glass’  just an excuse to hang something onto it.

it jingles.

it’s stainless steel (the glass), copper and sterling silver (everything else).

it’s heat patina on steel and copper, stained on silver..

wear it on the martini glass, on the finger, while you’re not stirring… or, let it sit around the neck….

triple martini 2012 stirring stick ring

stirring stick as ring

triple martini necklace
triple martini necklace

a post (nmacf)show recap…

my booth at the 2012 nmacf in abq

my booth at the 2012 nmacf

here is my set up at the new mexico arts and crafts fair in albuquerque this past weekend, where i spent 3 agonizing days waiting for action….but not much was stirring.

am glad to have done it though and to have contributed with my lost income to support this event in beautiful enchanted land. i hope it won’t go up in the air in vain….

met some new nice people and hung out with older friends and wanted to thank them all and extend to them my appreciation for their kindness to me and my work.

here they are:

erika …..enjoyed the ride and time share, your openness, getting to know you better and looking forward to do some trading, my ipad needs a cover…. 😉

dominique for her beautiful smile, her beautiful paintings and her support, best of luck this summer on the plazas and parking lots of the city differente!

rick and beth, thanks for finally meeting you both, our ‘southern region’ reps for the new mexico metalsmiths guild, and congratulation for your award!

maria, my neighbor to the left who entertained me for a happy mood throughout the slow hours, thank you for your contagious laughter and say hey to the chickens for me 🙂

margot, was happy to get back in touch after all these years, looking forward  to some great professional photography of yours soon!

dennis for marveling at my last-minute timing abilities……been practicing for quite some time you know.. O:-)

janet for stopping by my booth for a chat and getting inspiration for picking up her own work again…just do it!

sharon  for giving me a 1 minute tour of her work process and for her beautiful glass lamps glowing in her booth.

cornelia, another fellow jeweler and member of the new mexico metalsmiths guild, es war gut mit dir zu reden, keep in touch!

lea, one of my customers at the fair….. thank you so much and enjoy your earrings!

bryan, good meeting you, good luck at the cathedral park in a few weeks, look forward to “talk shop’….

and last, but not least, andy for providing us with much fun and ad hoc caricature time….yes,my name could use some rearranging and missing a vowel somewhere, but no worries, he GOT ME!

thank you!

caricature 2

you got me!