3 moves… i’m out! (of here)

studio tales

you might have been wondering….. what have i been up to lately?

well main thing i have been trying to recover from a major double studio move last summer.

it happened just about this time, last year… after an unfortunate initial relocation to a nowhere place in july, on i went in august 2014 across a river and landed into an old school house, big open space that reminded me of the oakland warehouse years.

perfect for a studio….

except that i kept having visitations of critters of all sorts coming into the place through the many cracks – 34 mice, 3 snakes (no, no rattles, but one i didn’t see and stepped on… one of my very rare screams so far in my life!), fended off black widows, hobo spiders and several centipedes, and lastly an 8 inches long one early on a sunday. could not catch it, it got inside and freaked me out for 2 days… until i caught it late one night at 2:35 am.

because i do not kill. i relocated them all.

but THEN it all added up,  i lost sleep, studio work, and simply could not spend my time ‘fixing’ the place anymore.

so here we go now…


8 thoughts on “3 moves… i’m out! (of here)

  1. You are a true survivor! But when, in the end, you create such amazing art – the rest is just “small stuff”. Congratulations, Emanuela! I know you will piece together an artful space!

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  2. So sorry for all that. Yes I remember you taking the insects outdoors. Moving’s hard. Be well.

    I’m on my way, a brief or a long move to CA for end-of-life of my 97-yr old madre. In a week and a half.

    Getting sad.


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