new drawings

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picked up drawing again, healing the scattered idle time of being in-between things…

new drawings

new drawings

so parked a few tables upstairs under the aging skylight and have been climbing the stairs at night to a carved out space of non-thinking.

new drawings

for some reason, the lines on paper, the filling-in of color, the randomness of process (but sometimes not…) or maybe simple contrast from another side of making…

and then it’s up from there.

UP RiSiNg – color markers on paper, 8.5″ x 11″

a summer-full of events

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so, last time i wrote about the daily in my life was at the beginning of an unassuming summer, just when things were rolling on into the next thing which was slow in coming.

for the first time in YEARS i attended a ‘high caliber’ event here in town, the southwest makers symposium held at form+concept gallery and that had been eluding me the years past.

but this time it was meant to be, got a surprise invitation and was honored with a guest registration ticket from an ancient acquaintance and simply HAD to go!

2019 Southwest Makers Symposium

The Bench – Southwest Makers Symposium 2019

during the course of a weekend, i immersed myself into the depth of discourse of visuals and concepts of an art and craft i have been practicing all my life. saw people i hadn’t seen in years, caught up on the ‘academic’ side of things, taking it all in at once. yes, refreshing, even if it then took me several days to recuperate from the buzzz…

here is harold o’connor (to you harold, at last!) with one of his great pins/pendants:

Harold O'Connor's pendant/pin

Harold O’Connor with one of his cool cool pendants/pins

in between it all and with work in progress and in the making…basically all i did at the bench all summer long were squares and circles:

work in progress

squares and circles in progress

several interruptions came visiting, including the much needed repairs in the studio, which saw construction people and plumbers and electricians roam the space i so dearly guard from strangers for several days, throwing a delaying time wrench into the works…

ahhhh, but the satisfaction of having a functional vent and hood over the stove at last, lights above the entrance outside actually working, a swamp cooler finally blowing in some cool air and, hardly the least important, a much improved shower!

hot it was for weeks on end, time is the studio frantic and in slow motion and the premonition of more change growing stronger by the hour. and still, everything seemed to suddenly accelerate in a bout of decisions-to-make-now.

a big first one was to leave a local market venue i had been doing for the last 7 years, it was draining me beyond the financial, beginning to affect the spirit, which is something you always want to avoid.

SFAM this summer

last few show-times at SFAM this summer

time to move on. away from the windy and rainy days under the flapping tent, away from unreliable market schedules, away and past the cold and the heat and the complete exhaustion that left me flat for days thereafter, always.

good then!

i caught up with the record keeping put off since the beginning of the year, filed taxes, filed away paperwork and, alas!, everything was neat and stored in envelopes and boxes by the end of august and out of site. done!

i have still to pick up speed in the studio, ride the rhythm of things, but this morning, stepping into the back room, where all the soldering and melting and the messy stuff happens, i am reminded of the practical, in black and white:

soldering bench shot

metal room, a soldering bench shot

also, after blowing a crockpot, i have finally up my ‘old’, ever new pickling vat, pulled out of yet another box and now equipped with the right plug to fit into the transformer to match the voltage…another good thing.

italian pickling vat

my italian pickling vat

and and and….i have a tray of ‘candy’ to look into…. squares, squares and more squares to play with.

box of squares



will keep you posted, just stay in the loop.

looking forward

studio tales


it was just last year, and just about this time…. after way too many relocations i finally stumbled upon my new studio space and found elbow room again! about 1500+ square feet of raw, open space. open to interpretation, open to spread all my work around, the in-progress pieces long forgotten and out of sight. all of them.

new studio

A4 – a new studio overview

it had been a t-shirt print shop and a juice bar and quite a few things before that. tucked away and caught in between the industrial stride of a city differente and a bit of wasteland, right there, at the edge-of-almost.

the kitchen area had an old sturdy sink and a no-joke woodstove. took me several weeks to build shelving and countertops all around it, a handsaw, a couple of hammers, nails and lots of screws.

finished kitchen


and then, the real stuff: work benches and tools, and battling a dense concrete floor to bolt everything down for hours…

(on the workbench front, check out my new blog for updates)

the ‘metal room’ in the back (for melting and soldering), a big window and a perfect utility sink that had seen a lot of splashing colors wash down its drain (…)

in the back back…

a backyard shot

even a backyard!

what else could anybody wish for?!?

it was only this past summer when it all slowly settled into place and things began to flow again…. a few months now, but just yesterday for me.

here, now, just over a month into another year and celebrating a new cycle, getting down to business with a renewed spirit of possibilities.

showroom in the front is coming along, a few studio visit weekends in the works for this month…


up front

stay tuned!



(of) woodstoves, bathtubs and jimson weed

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about woodstoves

and so it’s happening again.

i am moving the studio.

a rough ride these past 3 years, relocating in and out of unsuitable places, strewing bits and pieces of my beloved studio across mesas, steep and rocky dirt roads and not-so-shallow rivers…. yes, there are still rivers to cross in new mexico.

but this time is different.

recurring themes in all these past wanderings keep circling back to me, like the bathtub.

the bathtub in the middle of the room, sitting there, mockingly. just like one of my last recent places. and just like in Diva (a beautiful movie i once had a tape of) …must be a good sign.

Diva movie

got the bathtub… and even the aquarium, aka the fish tank and 2 golden fish!

and in the backyard, just like this past spring and still in winter clothes, there is an old friend waiting…it must be a very good sign indeed!

‘celebrations’ then.

but this time is different.

this time there are 2 doors opening at the end of the tunnel: stepping into a new studio this month! a new space at last and special gift from the universe for my birthday…

this too is happening and just in time, at the very end of this month!

‘celebrations’ then will also be a very special STUDIO SALE  – feb 25-27.



3 days only of unique and one-of-a-kind statement jewelry pieces at ‘birthday gift’ bonus prices, just for my studio subscribers and a few other aficionados!

(hint..) i will need a refrigerator at my new place and a couple of good work tables for all my trays with work-in-progress i’ve been holding onto for so long…can’t hardly wait.

so stay tuned and keep in touch for updates, more are definitely to come!

in celebrations.

patty’s garage

events, studio tales, studio visits

a quiet, on the splurge of the moment holiday open studio with a couple of neighbors, patty o’connor (beautiful and colorful blended media on canvas) and terri miller (very interesting recycled art out of old tires), for hot cider and sunshine from the new mexico’s sky.

here are a few shots. the sun’s glare was really bright…

jewelrywork display

holiday open studio 2016 – my display




holiday open studio 2016 – patty 1


thank you to all who could stop by!

finding each other

events, studio tales, studio visits

sometime it happens in a flash, sometime it takes longer… but each piece always finds its human match. always.

this one below is the last of a one-of-a-kind brooch series from a few years back.

the first three were bought by jewelers’werk galerie at an american craft council show in baltimore, some while ago.


round stained brooch

she walked confidently into my booth, looking straight at it.

round stained brooch was hanging on the wall, pinned to a little black neoprene panel, swinging from a chain in the sunny november day.

she picked it up, running her fingers around the edge of it, then she put it on.

adjusted it to the soft woolen collar folds of her sweater and looked in the mirror.

everything was in place just then: the bluish greens of the brooch perfectly matched the color of her sweater, the darker tones her pants, the silver blended smoothly with her short hair and her hat was calling to the subtle greys of the metal.

there, they had found each other.


i wished myself a plant

inspiration, studio tales

i love plants. outdoor plants, indoor plants… there is a relationship with a plant, subtle, unnoticed.

like anything ‘different’ than oneself, it is another language, a different way of relating, an unfamiliar, at times, way of perceiving.

having been now here, miraculously put, in my cozy 400 sqf of space, i began noticing several months ago that a specific plant was missing from my outdoor surroundings… a beautiful plant that had been around all of my past places for the last 15 years, a plant with a presence.

a neighbor had one growing by a ditch down the road, a big one, all bright and white in its big flowers.

but they were nowhere else to be seen, and not on the piece of land my current studio is on.

i asked my landlady about them but she said she had not seen them around her house for the past several years, as long as she could remember…

i began to long for this plant to be in my front yard, right outside my door, so i could look at it everyday and see if blooming at night… i threw my silent wish out there, in my mind, in my heart.

i wished myself this plant.

and one day, looking down on the dirt outside the door i spotted it: a couple of small ‘suspicious-looking’ tender green leaves, quivering in the dust.


the one on the left was the first one to pop up

wasn’t really sure at first, kept an eye on it and put a couple of stones around to mark the spot; then a few more showed up the following days and i piled more little rocks around them.

all this makes me go back to stephen buhner’s books and to his very intriguing writings about the intelligence of plants…..fascinating.

they are sturdy plants, they survive harsh winters if you respect them and let them be…

i just can’t wait to see the flowers next season, i am simply grateful.

And then there is drawing…

drawing, new work, other work, studio tales

drawings. matter-over-mind sketches.

it happened a few weeks ago, bumping yet into another pile of books … looking for boxes and older folders i could not find …. where ARE my drawings?

quickly, after a few minutes of deep desperation, i grabbed some color faded markers and a stack of A4 scrap paper and spun fun into motion again…

alongside the filing and the melting of my last silver just the other night, these are my walking sticks, warm-up exercises back to bench work, helpers, friends in the making.

some from the last days of february:

56 – color markers on scrap paper   11.5 x 8.25 inches c.
SyNk – color markers on scrap paper  11.5 x 8.25 inches c.
!No tittLE – color markers on scrap  paper     11.5 x 8.25 inches


events, new work, retrospects, studio tales

And so here it is: spring 2016 is happening.

Not too sure how long it will last, maybe it will be winter tomorrow, maybe summer all at once the next day…  Nature is trying to stay sane, winter was dense and scattered in million directions, the apparent stillness fooling some cloudy days.

But now, celebrating!

There are new shoots on my lemon trees, the avocado seed has sprouted after the cold, I need to give it more solid ground.

Celebrating the sprouts of spring, outside and inside my crammed studio…

Still pulling out of the recent past 3(studio) moves, it is all taking so long to stop spinning, from a 1500 square foot open space to a tiny 400…. keep bumping into things.

Hurts to bump into metal, the wire coils, the copper pipes and all the scrap I just could not part with….you get bruises and scars for just trying to work.

But I l love my scars.

Zeige deine Wunde…thinking of ‘der’ Beuys and countless discussions around a kitchen table, so long ago.

(It’s in german, the way he spoke it….)


I put some of my scars in a story in a book last October, a way to pin a few things down after the storm. CraftsPEOPLE: In their Own Words features stories by circa 75 artists and crafts people, their work, the struggle, the pains and joys of following one’s own path…all the tests and difficult roads that lead to beautiful destinations.


It’ll be out in digital version first end of March, in print later in the spring, will keep you posted.





There are things stirring on the bench though, and despite the tight space, trays of work in progress are being shuffled around in search of their own order.

work-in-progress.march16.2-blog         work-in-progress.rings-blog

Something is even leaving the bench….

S:9.ConePendant.HC.3-blog     S:9.ConePendant.HB-blog

Like… the Cone Pendant, a new addition to the Solids line!

A few last footnotes:

2016 started out on a mellow note, endings and beginnings rolled in and out without much fuzz for once… had my first (for this year) and last (for last year) frozen mango margarita  at Maria’s here in the city different and slid seamlessly into the new year.

Highlights of the first days of this year was going through the experience of sitting on the jury for a local show…. short and sweet, it was very interesting for me. Grateful for the opportunity and the insights it gave me into my own work and on ‘jurying’ in general.

I know, a long post for another time, maybe.

And then, there is drawing…. and that is the next post!

Happy Spring!