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a bit of regrouping and re-countings for 2013, it slipped through the door of yesterday so fast.

quick notes… a couple of shots from the last CraftBoston Holiday show in Boston this past december.

CraftBostonHoliday 2013 - booth 519

CraftBostonHoliday 2013 – booth 519

drove to this show all the way from nm….in a stealthy and unyielding subaru on teen spirit, packed with booth display et. al., trash cans and lots of black tea……..  cut across the country in 3 days on the way over (i was late…! from the open spaces of the west to tiny corners of the east, desperately looking for parking! wrong turn on (or was it off??)  the turnpike between nj and ny  put me off by 3 hours on schedule, when i was oh… just so close!


CraftBostonHoliday 2013 – booth 519


on the way back – after 5 days of busy busy boston city life – took the high road and stopped a few days later to look yonder lake erie, just across the fence…

subaru around erie/pa, back from the east -dec 2013

subaru around erie/pa, back from the east -dec 2013

all and everything  frozen in deep cold….. canada, just on the other side.

erie, pa

erie, pa

the sun, at last!….. on the 3rd day and well into endless kansas.



ahh… space, again. and almost home…4 days total on the way back!

it was a good trip.

7 thoughts on “retrospect/2013

  1. Emanuel,

    Sounds like to be on the road!!

    Hope you had a successful show.

    Happy New Year of the Wood Horse 2014!

    Your leaf series looks great Maybe Weyrich Gallery can display your new line.

    Let me know.


    Valerie Tibbetts
    Owner Weyrich Gallery/The Rare Vision Art Galerie


    1. hello valerie,

      thanks for the wood(en) horse wishes…. hopefully this one will not be misleading – as a horse and as a year… 😉

      would love to see what could happen with my ‘feathers’ series at the gallery…
      will talk on different channels soon.


  2. Thanks, Emanuela…

    Good little story. Your booth looks great!!! Hope it was a good show for you…


    Patricia Leigh

    President/Board of Directors



  3. You write so well! You have the Midas touch (not just with metals, but with words and pictures as well). So great to hear from you.


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