10 Hand-Picked

fall studio clearings...while in transition: a studio sale celebrating my 3rd move in a year...! 10 hand-picked unique pieces. going live sept 10... stay tuned for a juicy offer on this studio clearing!


ah! february, already…. got a few things rolling here and there, in not so specific order. but tossing this one out, still fresh and in the making… a pre-launch offer! the TW line finally online on Square Market 🙂 curious? (HINT: starting: tonight-feb 11 (midnight/mst) and for 6 days on to feb 17…you get no …

a quick note and a last chance for this year!

last gathering at the railyard/water tower tomorrow/saturday dec 28, 2013 with the santa fe artists market  here,  in the city differente..! from 8 am to 1 pm sky deep deep blue and clear, no wind.... looking good.. BTW: offering a 15% end of the year bonus on ANY of my twisted&wires pieces still available while …

a quick monday studio visit

it happened real fast, even though i really tried to slow everything down. thank you david  for your visit today, honored to have you and hope my very quick pace was not too overwhelming so early in the day....!